When I moved from Belgium to France I wanted to find a dressage trainer who also understood Natural Horsemanship. And that is not easy to find!
Then I met Philippe Richard and we have been working together with a few of my horses for nearly 4 years now!
I like the way Philippe teaches because he is very patient and he understands what the horse thinks and needs! And that lightness and relaxation are very important! I have a very sensitive spanish horse who had a lot problems relaxing, specialy in the canter. Through lots of relaxation and gymnastic exercises my horse now has a beautiful relaxed canter. And he is even more calm and easy to ride on our walks outside! We are now working on some higher level dressage exercises with the focus on a relaxed happy horse ! And that is the way I want to ride my horses!

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« Le cheval n'est pas votre esclave mais votre partenaire »

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